a thesis exhibition with an AR twist

Cache was the culminating architecture studio show of my B. Arch thesis studio. The studio focused on the transformative aspects of media and architecture, and we created a final show with an augmented reality theme. Each project has physical models and digital projections, as well as an augmented reality component to each project.

While the design was collective among the studio, I focused on the technical production of the hanging train of 20 projectors, temporary structural rigging. I  made standardized digital asset templates for the class, and ran last minute electrical debugging. Tam and I directed and produced the video as well.

In addition to the projected content, we also worked with LayAR to create a phone app of 3D models of students’ project.

Team (Structure and Logistics):
Megan Walker, Tam Tran, Karen Wang, Scott Leinweber

Tam Tran and Scott Leinweber

Professor Doug Jackson,

Skills Contributed

  • - Videography
  • - Team leadership
  • - Structural rigging
  • - Fabrication of support structure
  • - MacGuyver'd electrical work