Filigree Robotics

printing delicate ceramics in 3d

Filigree Robotics is a Work-in-Progress project at the Center for Information Technology in Architecture, at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Building off of prior experience with Superformlab and 3d printing ceramics on flat surfaces, we are bringing a 3d aspect to the printing with laser scanning and robotics. Using a LIDAR scanner, a 3D surface is digitized, designed with, and printed on. A robotic arm and extruder are combined for the printing. More work to be done, but expecting a public exhibition February 2016.



  • Martin Tamke
  • Flemming Tvede Hansen
  • Esben Nørgaard
  • Henrik Leander Evers
  • Scott Leinweber

Skills Contributed

  • LIDAR Scanning
  • Computational Design
  • Industrial Robotics (ABB, HAL, RobotStudio)
  • Python Scripting
  • Gooey Clay Fabrication


  • 2015-2016
  • (9 months)