Half Story Mountain

a neo-natural stealth bomber sofa, with Grayson Cox

Cradled by nature in modernist furniture. Half Story Mountain is a fiberglass sculpture I worked on with artist Grayson Cox and designer Chris Benfield that features the Le Courbusier LC4 (Chaise Longue). Grayson says, “The sculpture is meant to depict a human-to-nature interface in which humans are cradled by nature in modernist furniture. It is also loosely modeled after Michelangelo’s Pietà in reverse.” My role focused on digitally developing a fabricate-able model with Grayson, and seeing through the final product to its physical form.

Commissioned by Two Trees Realty for Brooklyn Bridge Park. Located along the East River in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY from September 2013 to September 2014. Now permanently install on Pratt’s campus.

Grayson Cox (artist)
Chris Benfield (contracting)
Asa Gauen (photos)
Scott Leinweber (3D design, drawings,

Skills Contributed

  • - inital form development with Grayson
  • - 3d printed prototypes
  • - fabrication focused modeling (Grasshopper scripting)
  • - detailing design for an exterior sculpture
  • - user-centered public sculpture design
  • - sub-contractor, fabricator communication
  • - produced cut files and assembled the plywood mold