Mobile Cinema

a small space for the big screen

Telecommunications and mobile computing technologies are altering our physical interactions with space in extreme ways. To illustrate this severe bypass of traditional architecture, the amount of spatial activities compressed into a mobile device can be thought of in more traditional ways.

This study explored the cinema, new and old, as a physical space. Traditional black-box theaters and light-locked movie screens are unnecessary with today’s 4G mobile phones. Smartphones, as archetypical mobile computing devices were rethought to incorporate the physical accoutrements of physical realm theater spaces. With the strength of traditional architectural means (plywood), a new physical space is designed and built for the new silver screen, at 960 x 640 pixels. A cartridge holder accepts different smartphone models. A black-out interior focuses the moviegoer on the cinematic story, while still allowing the individual, untethered mobility of a cellphone. Physical and digital realms are laid over each other, resulting in a new experience.