Metformin and alcohol

a series of glass and steel sculptures

Rhythm and Form is a series of three large-scale public sculptures installed in Bethesda, Maryland. Commissioned by the Donohoe Companies for a new public plaza at 4800 Auburn Avenue, the installation’s three unique sculptures are based on a series of twisted forms that change materials as they intersect with glass and water. A ribbon of stainless steel appears to flow through the surface of the plaza, emerging out of its three water features. As the stainless steel ribbon surfaces in the reflecting pools at either end of the plaza, the metal passes through large panes of glass, transforming into a stainless steel lattice inset with custom LED fixtures.

Fabricators from a variety of locations within the United States contributed a diverse array of customized parts for this project. The sculptures and components were designed and fabricated in Brooklyn, NY, Milwaukee, WI, Rahway, NJ, Ijamsville, MD and Keokuk, IA. Completed in December 2013, Rhythm and Form is Jason Krugman Studio’s first permanent outdoor public art installation. Over the course of 3 years, the studio developed physical and digital models that culminated in the final artworks. Jason Krugman Studio fabricated the LED lattice portions of the sculptures in-house, spending hundreds of hours welding and fitting the various stainless steel forms together to convey a continual flow between the main components.

Krugman Studio: Jason Krugman (artist), Andrew Martinez (fabricator), Scott Leinweber (3D design), Brian Schiering (metal finishing).

Fabrication Team: Stutzki Engineering (engineer), Kensington Glass Arts (glass), Sadev Architectural Glass Systems (glass hardware), Milgo Bufkin (rolled steel), Inman Molding (injection molding), Artex (installation).

Advisors: Tom Patti, Eric Rosenthal, Steven Rosenberg, Marty Chafkin and Lori Sorenson

Metformin mechanism of action

  • - early conceptual development
  • - design rationalization
  • - structural and fabrication drawings
  • - jigging design and fabrication
  • - on-site installation