a citizen-science video game about fluid dynamics

Help physicists visualize 10TB of 3D data in an educational game
Design usable 3D navigation and a workflow for generating ~200k 3D game assets.

I was asked to help bring 3D technical expertise and spatial interaction design to a citizen-science research project developed by the Neils Bohr Institute and Aarhus University. The science community is developing tools for engaging gamers and the non-scientist public involved in principal physics research. This most recent game, Turbulence, is a fluid dynamics experiment about vorticity. Read more about the game play and physics explanation here: Science at Home – Turbulence

(The game launched mid-September 2017. More levels to come in 2018)

Launch the Turbulence website

Skills Contributed

  • 3D interaction concepts
  • Computational geometry processing
  • User experience ideation for 3D objects
  • Unity game asset prep
  • Python, Grasshopper, Meshlab, bash
  • Delivering ~180,000 FBX game assets