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Fulbright research on Danish design culture

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I spent the 2015-2016 academic year as a Fulbright researcher in Copenhagen, Denmark researching how computation and digital fabrication tools are changing Danish design culture. To examine this ongoing adoption, I’ve interviewed an array of designers and architects, theorists and practitioners around Denmark. 3D: Danish Digital Design is a documentary archive of these interviews and my findings.

Danish design is known around the world for its tradition of simple forms and handcrafted objects. How is digital technology changing it? How are Danish designers approaching these new tools? And how is it changing how we view today in a historical context? As part of this research, I am interviewing Danish designers, practitioners, historians, curators, etc. to get a wide sampling of input on the subject.

In addition to this cultural research, I also was part of the research group at CITA, located at the Danish Royal Academy of Arts and Architecture in Copenhagen. At CITA I also worked on a few large research projects investigating digital fabrication and robotics.

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